Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Carrie Bloomwood + Zoe Schlacter

When I was in Hong Kong, I met up with blogger Carrie Bloomwood for a super cute shoot. We both wore jewelry and handbags from the Candies x Girl with the Flower summer collection, and I made a coordinating headband, corsage, and rhinestone sunglasses for Carrie to wear in the shoot. Carrie is a really great fashion and beauty blogger at, and she also has her own clothing line
I'm wearing a Somewhere Nowhere top, a polka dot dress from House of Stella in Nashville, and sunglasses from Party City. Carrie is wearing a lace top and skirt from her clothing line, Varrie.

In this look, I'm wearing a dress from Maggy London and sunglasses from Party City. Carrie is wearing a unicorn printed top from Salad and a skirt from Onespo.

 Taking a selfie!
At the Candies Gifts flagship store in Hong Kong!

I made these edits of our photos with a glitch art generator, and I collaged them with some polka dots and images of the Candies x Girl with the Flower beads!

Also, I just made a brand new Tumblr for Girl with the Flower blog! Check it out at! Follow for updates on my personal style + artwork, as well as some reblogged inspiration!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Eyeball Dress + Jewelry

I recently purchased this super awesome dress from the Australian brand, Di$count Univer$e. Because it's sheer, I layered a pair of black bike shorts a crop top underneath. I absolutely LOVE how it looks with my Candies x Girl with the Flower accessories! I'm wearing the "Eye See You" and "Quirky" necklaces. I tend to layer multiple necklaces from the collection, because the colors and elements are really easy to mix and match. I also layered a rhinestone and doll eye necklace from Craftland in Providence, Rhode Island. My ring is from a boutique in Seoul, and my flower sunnies are from Party City.
The "Big Kiss" handbag in purple
 Dr. Martens shoes worn with Happy Socks

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Candies x Girl with the Flower

Candies x Girl with the Flower is officially for sale online on the Candies Gifts website! I have been working on the collaboration for nearly a year, and it's been an awesome experience. I'm so excited to share this release with all of you! I'm very happy with the finished collection. This is the summer collection; stay tuned for the winter collection in a few months! The designs are inspired by common motifs in my wardrobe and styling choices. For instance, the eyeball motif is drawn from my regular usage of googly eyes in my artwork and flower headbands, and I included the lip motif in the jewelry and the handbag, because I love to wear brightly colored lipstick. All the jewelry is made of silicone, so it's super soft and flexible. This is a shoot I did of all the pieces! My mom took the photos (thanks Mom!) and I edited all the images.

Here are some photos of the display in the flagship Candies Gifts store in Hong Kong!